AI Trade Mission to Boston with Prime Minister Mark Rutte lawyers Mauritz Kop and Suzan Slijpen joined the Dutch AI trade mission to Boston, Massachusetts led by Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Bruno Bruins. It was a big success. We visited leading companies in Health Care, Climate Resilience and Robotics & Artificial Intelligence and participated in high quality meetings and events at -inter alia- Harvard Wyss Institute, MIT CSAIL, IBM Watson, Amazon Robotics, Humatics and Philips Healthworks R&D HQ USA.

During our stay in the United States we built an eclectic network of representatives from business, academia, consultancy and administration. Learning and building on shared experiences is a two way street: we gathered knowledge of the technological state of the art in Robotics & AI. We shared our own latest research insights on AI & IP, open access, public domain and ethics that facilitate innovation with influential academic institutions and ambitious, frontrunning entrepreneurs. This blog contains a photo report of our economic mission to the beautiful city of Boston.

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